The Brauburger Massage massage therapist in the Carthage and surrounding areas performs acupressure massage therapy by applying gentle pressure to precise points on the body. Clients remain fully clothed during the entire session which can last up to one hour. Acupressure balances the body's opposing forces of negative "Yin" and positive "Yang" energy and not only treats the entire body structure, but also seeks to balance the mind and spirit.

Manipulating Acupressure Points

Our practitioner accesses acupressure points using variable pressure that is applied with the fingers, hands, arms and may also include massage using the hands and feet. Sessions typically last anywhere from 45 to 90 minutes and are often combined with other massage therapy to enhance the experience of our Carthage clients and our clients in surrounding areas. Contact us to consult with a certified Brauburger Massage massage therapist and schedule an appointment.

Did you know? - The many Benefits of Acupressure

In China, acupressure is frequently used as a drug and surgery free beauty treatment to enhance facial muscle tone and improve the overall condition and appearance of the skin. Acupressure points are also used to alleviate certain forms sexual dysfunction.

Relief for a Range Of Health Conditions

Although scientific research into the health benefits of acupressure treatments vary, acupressure recipients regularly report significant relief and positive results from a variety of health conditions that range from preventing nausea following chemotherapy treatments in cancer patients, to alleviating chronic depression and anxiety disorders.
When performed by a certified acupressure practitioner, treatments have also provided relief for many ailments including:

Nervous disorders
Migraine headaches
Generalized physical pain
Menstrual cramps
Sports injuries
Acute pain (toothaches, sprains etc.)