Relieve Your Tension With a Powerful Massage

Relieve Your Tension With a Powerful Massage

We offer massage cupping in Carthage, MO

If you want to increase relaxation and get a unique, deep-tissue massage, massage cupping may be exactly what you need. Brauburger Massage in Carthage, MO offers cupping massages. Our massage therapist is glad to incorporate this beneficial treatment into our offerings as one of the latest trends in massage therapy.

We're ready to help you relax. Schedule your cupping therapy appointment now.

Learn more about massage cupping

Massage cupping may be a trendy therapy at the moment, but it's a practice that's been around for many years. Cupping can use:

  • Dry or wet cupping methods
  • Glass, bamboo or silicone cups
  • Movement to create a massage-like effect

Cupping massages are often performed with silicone cups that allow the therapist to move cups around the body. This may help reduce pain and improve blood flow. If you're wondering if cupping could help you, email us today.