Carthage and surrounding areas Myofascial Release

Myofascial release therapy is the release of the connective tissue surrounding the muscle fiber that supports your entire body. When restricted, the connective tissue (known as fascia) can cause significant problems, particularly with posture. Our certified Brauburger Massage massage therapist applies sustained pressure that allows these connective tissue fibers to loosen and become more flexible, relieving persistent tension that is the frequent cause of chronic pain.

Conditions improved by Myofascial release:

A range of sports related injuries
Whiplash injury
Muscle spasms
Limited range of motion
Poor posture
Carpal tunnel syndrome
General soreness and chronic pain

Myofascial Injury Affects Proper Nerve Function and Blood Circulation

Trauma or injury in a particular area can lead to myofascial dysfunctions that limit your range of motion and compress muscles or nerves causing decreased blood circulation. The result is chronic pain and reduced physical performance. Brauburger Massage specialists use myofascial release techniques that stretch and release adhesions and condition your body to release natural endorphins. Although myofascial release techniques are gentle, it has a significant and profound effect on the body, providing lasting relief. We invite the people of Carthage to contact us for more information or to schedule an appointment.

The Benefits of Myofascial Release Massage Therapy:

Improved blood circulation
Increase in range of motion and flexibility
Reduced muscle soreness
Maintenance of muscle strength
Strengthened immune system
Improved nerve functioning

Trained Brauburger Massage specialists evaluate your posture and offer detailed recommendations for alleviating chronic conditions. Our licensed practitioners provide the people of Carthage safe and effective massage therapy treatment plans that restore, realign and bring the myofascial system into balance.