Offered by our experienced team of certified massage therapists, Brauburger Massage post-natal massage treatments provide a relaxing break for new mothers in additional to many other benefits.

Promotes the release of natural endorphins that encourages hormone rebalancing
Increases blood flow and oxygen to remove toxins and re-energize muscles
Facilitates lactation for breastfeeding
Helps with recovery from a caesarean section
Stimulates lymph flow
Helps new mothers cope with the baby blues and/or post-natal depression
Relief from muscle soreness and physical aches that can accompany the care of a newborn

Relaxation Therapy for New Mothers

Our professionally trained post-natal massage therapists understand the physical demands that a new mother faces and make your comfort and relaxation their top priority. Depending on your individual needs, post-natal massage is most often performed with the recipient positioned comfortably among pillows on her side. Brauburger Massage practitioners focus primarily on easing tension and soreness in the shoulders, neck, legs and lower back to help rebalance and return your body to its original state.

Restore Your Body and Mind after Pregnancy

Childbirth and the life changes that follow can be stressful. Many new mothers in Carthage and surrounding areas may feel overwhelmed emotionally and physically by the new demands and lifestyle changes. Post-natal massage is an ideal method for creating some important personal time to reduce stress, anxiety and fatigue and promote your own well-being.

Take the first step to restoring your body to its pre-pregnancy condition with a complete consultation from a qualified and caring Brauburger Massage post-natal massage therapist. Call today to book an appointment and for answers to any questions you may have.