Carthage Pre-natal Massage

Carthage Pre-natal Massage

A woman undergoes many physical changes during pregnancy that can lead to physical and emotional stress that can be effectively addressed with therapeutic massage. The weight of a growing baby places significant strain on the back, neck, shoulders, legs and abdominal muscles and many women also struggle with insomnia during pregnancy that only contributes to pregnancy related physical and emotional issues.

The experienced massage therapist at Brauburger Massage is specially trained to provide professional pre-natal massage as a beneficial method for coping with physical changes and to promote relaxation and reduce anxiety.

Helps to improve sleep
Relieves muscle soreness and spasms in lower back, neck, hips and legs
Reduces stress hormone levels
Helps to regulate heart rate and blood pressure
Reduces swelling
Helps to prepare the body for labor

Helpful Knowledge for Pregnant Women

Clients are carefully positioned with comfortable support pillows in a relaxing environment. Brauburger Massage's specially trained therapists are happy to provide practical knowledge and professional recommendations on various aspects of personal pre-natal care. Our caring staff is trained to treat and assess pregnancy related symptoms such as discomfort while sleeping and other associated concerns, in conjunction with therapeutic massage therapy treatments. Our gentle pre-natal techniques are customized to each individual to ensure comfort and relaxation of our Carthage clientele.

Experienced Pre-natal Massage Therapists

Studies reveal that pre-natal massage helps to improve mood, induce relaxation, decrease depression and reducing swelling during pregnancy. The Brauburger Massage therapist apply treatments and techniques that are adapted to the particular concerns of our Carthage and surrounding areas clientele.